The tale of a poor judgment Princess
Choosing the future of her kingdom
All for one, or one for all?
She thought their love was her freedom

Like a damsel in distress
She let her long hair down
Allowing them an opportunity –
To win her heart, earn the crown

They were never knighted
There were no duels for her love
They were thieves, liars and pirates
Yet she’d build their pedestals up

Admiring them like royalty
Wishing to be their ‘dream-come-true’
Although she was already a princess
The mirror needed to see it, too

No matter the stars she wished upon
Or the words from her Fairy Godmother
The next day when she’d wake alone
She knew they never loved her

She never picked the right knight
She never made it on time for the ball
Who the hell leaves a shoe behind?
What is happily-ever-after, after all?

After years of spells and magic
Being fooled over and over again
She gave up hoping to be saved –
The kingdom of her heart left un-enchanted

So here’s to all those pedestals
Tonight I’m burning all of them down
This Princess doesn’t need any saving –
It’s my turn to wear the crown

  • The Dalema. November 8, 2016