The Dalema

Finding The Woman I'm Meant To Be

All The Little Things

Good morning texts
Goodnight kisses
Sunday morning breakfast
“Thinking of you” messages

Thursday night spaghetti
Friday night pizza and movies
Laughter and playfulness
Trust and honesty

The gym after work
Cuddling on the couch
All the little things
That matter to her most

She didn’t ask for much
She didn’t need fancy dinners
She only wanted a man
Who wanted to be with her

A man who would make plans
Just to give her a kiss
Someone who looked forward to
Any time he could get

She didn’t ask for much
But she knows her worth
And any man to call her his
Knows what she deserves.

  • The Dalema. May 21, 2017.

Chemical Reaction

She sat there in his living room
She sat on his couch just thinking
She remembered their first fight
His words, her tears – everything

She sat there going over the details
All the memories in her mind
She remembered all the work he never did
She remembered him saying goodbye

She sat there waiting for him to speak
For something, anything with meaning
She remembered wanting it all
Wanting him and being forgiving

She sat there getting lost in his apology
In the possibilities, the hope in her soul
Trying to push out the unwanted feelings –
How he made her feel when he let her go

She sat there wondering as she listened
What were they like before his goodbyes?
She knew it could happen again –
He could break her heart and change his mind

But she sat there falling back in love
Giving in again like all those times before
But it was him, it was them – baby it’s us
And I’ve never wanted anything more.

  • The Dalema. May 20, 2017.

Cravings & Expectations

Today’s the kind of day
She wishes they
would have kept in touch

Today’s the kind of day
She’s needing someone –
the cravings are too much

Today’s the kind of day
She’d love to be seen
wearing nothing but skin

Today’s the kind of day
She’s craving a kiss
she’s craving him

Today’s the kind of day
She’d call familiar –
a deja vu day

Today’s the kind of day
She’d lower her standards
with no expectations

Today’s the kind of day
She’ll recycle the old
or find someone new

Today’s the kind of day
She’ll call someone else
but wish he was you.

  • The Dalema. May 15, 2017.

Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank shruti502 for nominating me for this award. I am so honored and humbled to have been thought of for this. I’m a simple woman with an open heart filled with words that never stop flowing. Thank you so much for the nomination! 

I also request you to stop by shruti502’s blog. I enjoy promoting fellow bloggers and am so overjoyed to have been promoted myself! 


  1. Display the award on your blog

  2. Thank the person that has nominated you

  3. Share 7 facts about yourself

  4. Nominate and link other bloggers of your choice

Facts about me: 

I just turned 30 and am more inspired now than I’ve ever been. I intend on publishing my first book this year. Stay tuned! 

My first (and only thus far) freelance article now has over 70k shares. Feel free to check it out: I Want Chivalry & No Games, Which Basically Means I Hate Dating Today

I have to amazing pups who are both turning 10 this year. They’re my world and my heart.

I was a pageant queen my senior year of high school – but it didn’t come without a cost. I was anorexic for eight years. 

My outgoing personality and humorous ways hide my insecurities. 

It took me nine years to finish college and I am NOT a doctor (BA in Journalism and Mass Communications with a Marketing Minor).

My biggest fear in life is being forgotten. That’s one of the main reasons I write – so even if I’m long gone, my words can live on forever. 

Please check out the following blogs if you haven’t already, and be prepared to be amazed by the unique writing and characteristics of each blogger. I hope ypu enjoy their blogs just as much as I have. (Drumroll please…..) Here are my nominees for the 2017 Versatile Blogger Award:

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Consciousness creates reality



you’re tired.
your knees are sick of having to lift the weight of your body off the floor time and time again.
they never rest.
just when you think you’ve stood up straight.
just when you think you’ve improved your posture.
at the exact moment you actually feel taller – you’re thrown right back down.

you’re hurt.
your hands are cut up from those fragments, the broken pieces you find yourself dusting into a pile time and time again.
sometimes you try to grab them as they fall. but you’ve learned not to try and reach them before they land.

you’re weak.
your eyes cannot strain any longer. everything’s so blurry.
your eyes want to close.
the light has dimmed so much and yet, you keep staring at the pieces.
trying to glue them together just right. trying to make them seem like they were never broken.

each time.
each and every time you go through this; cutting your hands on those pieces, pulling yourself up off the floor and trying to put it all back together again – piece by piece. only to realize, you don’t remember what you started with.

this unbroken work of art you’ve hurt yourself over, lost sleep over – this masterpiece you’ve been killing yourself for day in and day out, over and over again – it’s unrecognizable.
all that remains is a tired, weak and broken fragment of whatever once was.
the pieces don’t fit together.
some are missing, most are damaged.
all are irreplicable.

whatever it was, whoever you were – you’ll never be again.
that girl, with flawless skin and the thrill of life in her eyes.
she’s gone.

  • The Dalema. December 8, 2016.

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