The Dalema

Finding The Woman I'm Meant To Be

All Knowing

She knew this would happen
She’d think of you
Even when she promised
Not to

She knew she couldn’t
But she did
Because moments with you
Are worth it

She knew it was bad
No matter how good
She couldn’t not love you
Though she should

She knew it would end
Like it always does
But she’s giving you another try
It must be love.

  • The Dalema. October 6, 2017.


Yesterday I said I’d to it today
Today I tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow
The cycle keeps repeating
While I drown in my sorrows.

  • The Dalema. September 19, 2017.

Raindrop Melody

She closed her eyes
to the sound of the rain
every raindrop in unison
to the sting of the pain
the way it hit the window
with the slightest beating
it reminded her of life
and the history repeating
every drop a reminder
of all that could’ve been
where she went wrong
and where she’d try again
as the thunder didn’t roll
and the lightning didn’t flash
she’d let the raindrops play
like the music of her past
the strumming of the pain
the beating of each drop
the pitter patter of her heart
breath filling silent spots
as she listened along
to the painful melody
she prayed the storm would pass
and she’d sleep for eternity.

  • The Dalema. September 14, 2017.

Fallen Leaf

Fallen from a tree
I’m floating in the wind
And no matter where I go
or how hard I try
I can’t find another tree
To let me back in.

  • The Dalema. September 14, 2017.


I remember holding his hand
Through the store
So today when I took someone else there
I waited in the car

I remember tagging along with him
After work to the gym
So I always find ways to avoid
Going there again

You’d never go with me
To the football games
When you used to go with her
Because it wouldn’t have been the same

Now I see things from your point of view
He will never be him,
I’ll never be her –
They’ll never be you.

  • The Dalema. September 12, 2017.

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