The Dalema

Finding The Woman I'm Meant To Be



My Heart’s Rhythm

I love you
I’m in love with you
I’m who I am
Because of you

I need you
I’m in need of you
My heart’s rhythm
Is to the beat of you

I trust you
I’m entrusting you
With my future
It’s me and you

I love you
I’m in love with you
I’m who I am
Because of you

⁃ The Dalema. November 5, 2019.

Nothing Else

I don’t want to
Another soul

I don’t want
Another man’s
Hand to hold

I don’t need
More than this

I didn’t know
Chemistry before
Your kiss

I don’t want to
Start at
The beginning

I don’t want
To lose us
While we’re winning

I don’t need
Romance and

I didn’t know
True love
Until your eyes

I don’t want to
Be less than
You deserve

I don’t want
Ever after
Fairy tails

I don’t need
Fancy nights or

I didn’t know
We would be

I want to
Make you happy

I want this
You and me

I need
Us to last
True and true

I know
What love is
Because of you

⁃ The Dalema. October 31, 2019.

Two for One

I think God knew

I was full of love

So he gave me two

Instead of one

There’s no package deal

I’d rather have

Than this little man

And his dad

  • The Dalema. June 21, 2019.

You Never Know

I never would have picked you

You never would have picked me

We were both looking for something

Neither one of us could see

I never knew this could happen

You never thought it would again

Being with someone who makes you happy

Everyday spent with your best friend

I never knew I was incomplete

You didn’t know what was missing

Waking up isn’t the same without you

Your lips were made for kissing me

I can’t see my life without you

You don’t say it but you feel the same

I’m going to love you forever

Even after you change my last name.

  • The Dalema. May 20, 2018.

Love And Lies

Random bobby-pins
My phone was on silent
Sorry I fell asleep
I don’t know who that is

I was in the hospital
A Wednesday wedding reception
Some of the lies you’ve told
You must think I’m stupid

Your childish smirk –
That grin is a tell
You think I don’t know
But I know too well

The funny thing is
You’ve been the fool
You actually believed
“I’m in love with you.”

  • The Dalema. August 11, 2017.

Drug Of Choice

So you say
You’re never drinking again
And at the end of the day
The loneliness sits in
So you fill the cup
And you take a sip
Allowing yourself
To get lost in it

Then the next morning
You feel the pain
The sting of regret
Keeps happening
And you make promises
Telling yourself
No more drinking
It’s bad for your health

Like a broken record
It plays again
When you’re with everyone
Even with friends
You crave a sip
You say “just tonight”
And promise yourself –
It’s the last time

But the drink is poison
And it takes control
Intoxicating addiction
Dangerous yet wonderful
Then the next morning
You tell yourself
It was the last time
Put the bottle on the shelf

So you say
You’re never drinking again
But towards the end of the day
The loneliness sits in
So you call him up
For one last fix
You lie to your heart
And say this is it.

  • The Dalema. May 27, 2017.

Chemical Reaction

She sat there in his living room
She sat on his couch just thinking
She remembered their first fight
His words, her tears – everything

She sat there going over the details
All the memories in her mind
She remembered all the work he never did
She remembered him saying goodbye

She sat there waiting for him to speak
For something, anything with meaning
She remembered wanting it all
Wanting him and being forgiving

She sat there getting lost in his apology
In the possibilities, the hope in her soul
Trying to push out the unwanted feelings –
How he made her feel when he let her go

She sat there wondering as she listened
What were they like before his goodbyes?
She knew it could happen again –
He could break her heart and change his mind

But she sat there falling back in love
Giving in again like all those times before
But it was him, it was them – baby it’s us
And I’ve never wanted anything more.

  • The Dalema. May 20, 2017.

Two-Dimensional Silhouette 

That’s exactly why it didn’t work.

You don’t fall in love. You walk to it.
Hand in hand, eyes wide open.
You talk about the path you’re taking.
You trust the person to walk the path with you.

And you walk in – together.
Side by side. Hand in hand.
Eyes. Wide. Open.
One chosen step at a time – together.

Otherwise, you’re just walking alone –
following like a shadow.
A shadow they don’t even see.

Shadows fall and shadows fade.
Love walks and never alone.

  • The Dalema. January 16, 2017.

Sticky Sweet

The tailgating, sunshine and summer breeze
The ice cold beer running through me
We walked in, you had your hand in mine
That summer day – I think of it all the time

The way the bass pumped through my chest
The pictures we took, so we wouldn’t forget
Dancing to the guitar, your hands wandering
Our bodies lost in ‘Pour some sugar on me’

Like the sounds blasting from the speakers
The memory is still ringing in my ears
I’ll keep craving you and I can’t comprehend
How you cut us off like that concert wristband.

  • The Dalema. January 5, 2017.