Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your way?
When you choose to stay quiet with things left to say
When you’re alone again at the end of the day
Everyone leaves and you want them to stay

Do you know you have what it takes?
When your choices could be a huge mistake
When it’s a move you know you have to make
Wanting a change, needing a break

Do you feel like there’s things you’d undo?
When the ones you want don’t want you
When you’re wrong no matter what you do
And the walls you’ve built, no one can break through

Do you ever wonder if you’re enough?
When wanting love becomes too much
When you crave affection with no one to touch
And your hearts made of coal, burnt to dust

Do you think your goals can be achieved?
When you lose who you are chasing a dream
When you try and try but there’s still no succeeding
And your past just seems to keep repeating

Do you ever feel like giving up?
When the bridges break and times get tough
When the roads you take don’t lead to much
If happiness is a bet, I’m out of luck

– Danyle L. M.