My give a damn is busted
My walls are built, the gates been closed
The hopeless romantic I used to be
Is a girl no one will get to know

I’ve cried the tears worth crying
I’ve kissed the frogs and still no prince
I don’t want to be this closed off
I don’t want to live life on the defense

“You’re amazing, smart and beautiful”
Don’t tell me things I already know
I’m leaving hope on its pedestal
The highs don’t outweigh the lows

‘It doesn’t click’, ‘the timing’s off’
‘I got caught up in the moment’,
‘I’m not ready for a relationship’
The pathetic excuses they blame it on

You rack your brain and analyze
You lose countless nights of sleep
You’re the prize, the championship ring
The finders keepsake they don’t want to keep

So I’ve put my guard up, I’ll sit this one out
Don’t put me in for the rest of the game
Because to play is a risk – three strikes you’re out
And the strikes just aren’t worth the pain

– Danyle L.M. 4/20/16