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False Hope

There’s a silent killer
It creeps into your mind
And when he says something,
When he feeds you those lines

There’s a silent killer
Telling you to believe him
And maybe, just maybe, this time
He really means it

That tiny little voice
Your mind has tried to kill
Knows the things to say –
Knows the strings to pull

That little quiet voice
Lingering in the back
Tells you he’s sincere
He’ll give all he can

Anything to make it work
To give “us” another try
To be who he was at the beginning
To be that great guy

The guy who made you fall
Made you smile and made you laugh
The guy who took you to dinner
The guy who texted you back

He’ll do whatever it may take
Because he misses you so much
He can’t imagine anyone else
Receiving all your touches

So the silent killer
Creeps into your mind
And maybe even convinces you
This time he isn’t lying

But it’s a silent killer
Killing you more each day
Every day’s a slower death
Stealing your breath away

This silent killer has a name
The silent killer is false hope
Because he will never be –
things will never be –
the way they were before.

  • The Dalema. May 31, 2017.

Put The Knife Down

Our deepest wounds
cannot be seen
cannot be heard
or identified –

Our deepest wounds
cannot be found
cannot be stitched
hidden with lies.

Our deepest wounds
beyond our smiles
beyond the tears
behind our eyes –

Our deepest wounds
have no scars
are hidden behind
no reason why.

Our deepest wounds
are poked and prodded
smothered with ‘I’m fine’
and most of the time –

Our deepest wounds
don’t get to heal
don’t get to mend
They’re self-inflicted.

  • The Dalema. May 18, 2016.

Solar Eclipse of Her Heart

She’s waiting for the sunrise
thinking it’s just like you
bringing light when it appears
melting away the morning dew

She’s enjoying the sunshine
not a dark cloud in sight
like you, it brought her peace
casting her worries aside

She’s afraid of the sunset
it’s beautiful but ever-changing
just like your feelings were for her –
unpredictable and quickly fading

She feels sorry for the sun
never getting to meet the moon
maybe someday when they collide
her heart will un-break, too

– Danyle L. M. 6/11/16


She thought you were her slingshot
Launching her into a bright future
Yet here she is in the same spot
Wondering why you wouldn’t keep her

  • The Dalema. June 9, 2016.

Cover Your Eyes

It’s when she’s laying in silence
She can hear the tick of the clock
Her mind’s racing miles per minute
Then suddenly – the faintest thought

A thought waking her memory
It stumbled upon your laugh
In that moment she frowned
It hurts to play it back

Those moments used to be easy
Falling asleep to your ‘goodnight’
Her face would be lit up
Her thoughts were so lite

You – the only thing crossing her mind
Her – wearing the smile you gave
But now she only holds your memory
In a sleepy corner hidden away

Those corners keep her up at night
She’s wide awake in a nightmare
The silence turned into a bright nightlight
And her eyes won’t adjust to the glare

  • The Dalema 6/10/16

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