Hours and hours of conversation
Questions answered without hesitation
Smiling so hard our cheeks are in pain
My new favorite song’s the sound of your name

Learning about you, new things each day
Refreshing and honest – you don’t shy away
Challenging me with all the right words
With just one smile you calm all my nerves

I am completely vulnerable
A naked feeling, while I’m fully clothed
These feelings we have are terrifying
Afraid of heights, but here we are flying

The men in my past have always lied –
To get in my pants, to get in my life
Said things they thought I wanted to hear
Took pieces of me and then disappeared

You call me gorgeous and say I’m sexy
For the first time, there’s no questioning –
What you say is what I believe
You’ve become someone important to me

I melt inside when I see your face
The sound of your voice, a familiar place
I’m giving in, my hearts on my sleeve;
An unexpected surprise – a find I hope you keep

– DLM 3/3/16