You look at her in awe, those dark hazel eyes

They change colors slightly, depending on the light

You stare and stare and wonder, wonder what’s inside

You get lost in the moment, she makes you feel alive

Whenever you’re around her, you’re the only one she sees

She does all she can to please you, make you feel at ease

The gaze locks you in, and you tell her she’s the one

The days are filled with nothing but laughter and fun


As the weeks start to pass you gaze less and less

Her phone calls go to voicemails and you ignore her texts

You don’t invite her over and she doesn’t stay the night

You don’t want her around, her flame has lost its light


She asks you what has changed as you force her to call it quits

She doesn’t know how it happened, you flipped off the switch

Everything was perfect for her, you played the game and owned it

Like everyone before you, you got caught up in the moment

-DLM (1.7.15)