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Image Source: Anonymous

It’s the kind of night when I don’t want to be alone. The kind of night when I wish we could sit on the couch watching TV, talking and laughing – enjoying a glass of new wine together.

I’d like to fall asleep in your arms. I’d like to wake up with my head on your shoulder. But you aren’t here – we haven’t met yet.

If that’s the case, search for me.

Or maybe we have met and you let me go or you aren’t holding on.

If that’s the case, fight for me – don’t let me go.

Because I need you. I’ve needed you for a long time.

I know who I am alone, and I love who I am. But this life is lonely and the successes – the tests of character and the obstacles – they’re all pointless when there’s no one there to share them with.

– The Dalema. January 26, 2016