I was a block away from our place
Well, the place that used to be ours
I was being pulled in that direction
But I was afraid you’d be home

I’d imagined myself driving by
And I’d see the front porch light on
The picture windows would show it all –
You, your wife and the kids wearing smiles

I always thought there would be a time
When our paths would unexpectedly cross
I’d be wearing a huge engagement ring 
You’d be looking plump and miserably unhappy

So I pulled up to the light and my blinker was on
But that same pull swept up again
And I put it in reverse and moved to the other lane
Guess I just wasn’t ready to see the truth

I might be living in this city again
The only place I’ve considered home
But to be honest, it wasn’t home because of us
It’s home because of me – I’m glad I kept driving.

  • The Dalema, 10.22.16