When she heard the term “love”
She’d laugh
She knew the idea was something
In the past
When she heard the term “forever”
She’d cringe
It just reminded her of how naive
She could have been

When they said “it will happen”
She’d pause
She accepted things as they were
How it was
When they said “it exists”
She knew
It just didn’t anymore
It wasn’t true

When she felt something new
She’d fight
If it wasn’t with him
It wasn’t right
When she felt anything at all
She’d run
She didn’t believe anymore
There’s no “true love”

But when she was alone
She’d think
Of all that could’ve been
All that could be
But when she alone
She knew
It wasn’t because of her
It was because of you.

  • The Dalema. May 27, 2017.