Where does depression hurt? Everywhere
Who does depression hurt? Everyone
You’re standing in a crowded room – but you feel like you’re the only one
Think of all you have, focus on the blessings
Hearing all of that just makes me feel guilty
If I could pull myself together, get over it like a cold
Fill my mind with all the positives, just do as I’ve been told
The problem is I’m sad for no reason, I’m stuck in the dark without a light
People say time will make it all ok, but it’s time that turned my days to nights
You hate yourself for feeling like this, you take a pill to get better
But the pill makes you feel things and those things make you write letters
The letters say goodbye and all you want to do is say hello
Get back to the person you used to be before you had this ‘cold’
The truth is that this disease of sadness kills you slowly from the inside
So please stop trying to tell those who have it that it’s all going to be alright.

  • The Dalema. April 25, 2016.