You see it flying, hear the buzz
Shoo it away just because
It’s victims cannot heal

Then one day, out of the blue
It sneaks up on you
Bites you right in the feels

Symptoms start to kick in
Medicine is non-existent
There’s no cure for it’s bite

Smiling uncontrollably
Losing grasp of reality
Clinging to the happiness

Habits start to form
There is comfort in his arms
The sound of his voice

Then comes the worst thing
You feel like you’re flying
And you look down

The three words come out
Your wings break and you fall down
It was a hallucination

You thought you were in love
But got bit by the bug
There is no healing

The heart begins to break
Your guard was down, it’s too late
You’re a casualty of love

– DLM 3/16/16