It’s just what I do – I cut people from my life and I run. I run as far away as fast as I can. Because that betrayal, that hurt – it reminds me of a time and place. A place I can’t go to, a way I can’t let myself feel. It’s so dark that it rips pieces and parts of your soul so deep that even if you could, you would never want to feel again.

Running from that place and cutting that darkness from your life – it’s the only way you’ll survive. Sometimes doors are closed, the handles are locked, the deadbolts are switched and the hinges are glued because it’s a place you can never see. If you let yourself go back there – you’ll never find yourself again. You’ll be so lost in the darkness, you’ll forget what light was like. You’ll feel so much pain that you’ll beg for someone to put an end to it all. You’d rather feel nothing than ever feel that way again.

So I run. I run as far away as fast as I can. Even if I have nothing to run to. It’s time to put my running shoes on – I’m ready to chase the pavement.