After truth
Comes the reality
After reality – the pain
After the pain comes the heartache
And you know nothing will be the same

After the heartache
Comes the denial
After denial – the blame
After the blame comes the pity
And you see yourself in all your shame

After the pity
Comes the cynic
After the cynic – the darkness stays
After the darkness sets for awhile
You realize your stuck in one place

After the darkness
They say there is light
After the light – the reason why
After the reasons it will all makes sense
But some of us never see that light

After I got lost in the reality
After I got stuck in the pain
I ended up staying too long in the darkness
I allowed my happiness to fade

After the cynic took over
After the pity swallowed my pride
Every day became just another day
Left to wonder all the reasons why.

  • The Dalema. October 23, 2017.