He says it’s more than casual
That you’re the only one
The late night texts and calls
Aren’t numbers that he knows

Maybe this time will be different
Maybe he’s telling the truth
And maybe he cares just as much –
Maybe he loves you too

But maybe he’s the same
And maybe you’re wrong
And this time when he leaves
Tell him to stay gone

He says he was sick and at work
He thought you were just as busy
The lack of texts and calls –
He says he’s really sorry

You’re the first in his new bed
He missed you every day
And you believe him every time
Because you feel the same

But maybe nothing’s changed
And maybe you’re wrong
When he leaves this time
Tell him to stay gone

So you check his phone
When he’s in the other room
And maybe she’s nothing
Maybe he’s choosing you

But maybe you’re the same
And maybe I’m wrong
If I am, this time
Leave and stay gone.

  • The Dalema. June 10, 2017.