She sat there in his living room
She sat on his couch just thinking
She remembered their first fight
His words, her tears – everything

She sat there going over the details
All the memories in her mind
She remembered all the work he never did
She remembered him saying goodbye

She sat there waiting for him to speak
For something, anything with meaning
She remembered wanting it all
Wanting him and being forgiving

She sat there getting lost in his apology
In the possibilities, the hope in her soul
Trying to push out the unwanted feelings –
How he made her feel when he let her go

She sat there wondering as she listened
What were they like before his goodbyes?
She knew it could happen again –
He could break her heart and change his mind

But she sat there falling back in love
Giving in again like all those times before
But it was him, it was them – baby it’s us
And I’ve never wanted anything more.

  • The Dalema. May 20, 2017.