She bends and she knows this
She spends and gets reckless
She pretends it’s all ok
She pretends her cares away

She bends until she’s hidden
She defends and asks forgiveness
She blends in with the background
She pretends she’ll be found

She bends until she’s focused
She seeks until she’s noticed
She sends wishes to the moon
She dreams of a better ‘soon’

She bends until she’s backwards
She deflects when her pride hurts
She sends up her prayers
She begs when they’re unanswered

She bends until she’s numb
She’s silent when out of touch
She reflects when she’s not sleeping
She pretends she’s still eating

She bends and she bends
Over and over, again and again
She bends for her family
She bends for her friends

She bends and she bends
About as far as she can take
She bends and she bends –
She bends until she breaks.

  • The Dalema. 2017.