She knows amazing will be there soon
As she takes a moment to gaze at the moon
The flickering stars, miracles in the dark
Just like the hope sparkling in her heart

Watching the wind sway through the trees
Courage ignited by the touch of the breeze
Although it’s so cold she can see her breath
She knows the best hasn’t arrived just yet

She reminds herself how far she’s come
Having travelled so far, alone so long
Roads filled with dips, potholes and bends
Long roads of heartache, pain and dead ends

But there’s something in the air tonight
Maybe it’s the stars, breeze or moonlight
A realization takes over, serene and calming
Transfixed admiration in her surroundings

Something about the night restores her faith
Faith in herself and trust in her strength
A belief in her journey and in God’s plan
When amazing arrives, she’ll understand.

  • The Dalema. February 13, 2017.