This place seems so familiar,
I’ve been right here before
The loneliness snuck up on me,
It’s taken full control

I tried so hard and then I lost –
The most precious part of me
I gave my love, I gave my trust
And now my dignity

You give the love you think they need
You hope it’s love returned
But to love too much, it’s my curse –
Believe me have I learned

You’d think someday my love would come
And sweep me off my feet
Not sweep me up then take me back
To a life that’s incomplete

I’ve loved and lost then loved again
And if I had to choose –
I’d stay alone in the life I’ve built
So I’d never have to lose

Your heart gets broken, you mend it up
But there’s still an empty hole
The more it breaks the less you have
And now there’s none at all.

-The Dalema. February 3, 2009.

©Photo Credit Brittany Hensel Photography