Take the path that’s laid out for you
Graduate high school – college too
Find a career that’s in your field
Save for a home and close the deal

Wait for ‘true love’ before getting married
Tie the knot then have a baby
Live happily ever after, that’s it – the end
The American Dream. Follow the trend

I walked the path, the yellow brick road
I followed the rules – did as I was told
I played the part of the girl next door
It’s just not enough for me, not anymore

Seven days a week, it’s all the same
Wakeup with resistance & pray for change
Pay your bills. Save what’s left
Hope for a miracle to get out of debt

Had I known then what I know now
I would have cleared my own path somehow
I’d take more time mapping out my dreams
Figuring out who it is I wanted to be

I would have went to college further away
I wouldn’t have partied on thirsty Thursdays
I’d never have signed up for credit cards
I wouldn’t let boys play with my heart

So what can I do? Where do I start?
This is my life – I want the lead part!
I’m not stage props or background music
It’s time to pave my own path – time to choose it.

  • The Dalema. February 15, 2016