There was a fire in your eyes and I wanted to

I gave you my body, asking nothing in return

The flames grew higher as I started to fall

I didn’t know that you didn’t want me at all

For months and months I walked on coals

Wearing out my feet, wearing out my soul

You burnt through the flesh of so many women

But kept our flame lit, even when you were with them

I grew cold inside but warm to your touch

Standing near your flame became too much

My body was addicted but my skin was too weak

Tried to capture your heart, tried to turn down the heat

But I saw another fire flicker in your eyes

It burnt for her love; she changed your mind

She won the match that ignites your flame

As you throw me a lighter and walk away

Watching you love her is gasoline

Ashes to ashes, dousing my dreams

Watching you hold her is wind and rain

Dry ice in my lungs, nothing but pain

Burnt alive, from the outside in

I should have stopped it before it began

Reinforcements were built around my walls

But even burnt cement crumbles and falls

And as I sweep up the ashes from my cremated heart

I’ll try to find remains and unbranded parts

Anything that can identify who I used to be

To the woman who once loved you, R.I.P.

-DLM (12.17.15)