Even after all this time
You’re the first person to cross my mind
The first person I want to tell
When something in my life goes well

Even after feeling this pain
I find myself calling him your name
Wishing his arms belonged to you
He doesn’t hold me like you used to

Even after giving you space
I still remember the way you taste
The unforgettable tone of your voice
I still wish I was your first choice

Even now, when you’re with another
Do I cross your mind, do you ever wonder?
I’m doing ok, but do you worry about me?
I’ve worried about you constantly

Even now, after all the silence
I know I need to move on from this
You make moving on seem easy
Like I’m not someone worth remembering

Even now, after reading these words
You know they’re for you but does it matter?
I was naive to think you’d come back
Naive to think you’d want what we had

Even now, after each days end
I’m naive enough to hope, to pretend
To deny the truth you couldn’t speak
I believed you weren’t ready for me

Even now, after knowing this truth –
Your way of saying I wasn’t right for you
What should I do? You were right for me
I try to move on but find myself comparing 

Even now, after all this time
I’ll keep pretending I’m doing just fine
Moving on the way you’ve seemed to
And I’ll pretend I never think of you

After all she’s seems perfect – just your type
Fun, smart, big hearted and kind
Smitten with you and very attractive
After all, I was too until I didn’t matter

Even now, I’ll say I’m happy for you
She makes you smile the way I used to
If you’re with her, someone else or alone
These words are for you, I need you to know –

Even after all this time
You’re the first person to cross my mind
And no matter whose arms I’m falling into
As he holds me tight, I’ll wish he was you.

  • The Dalema. March 15, 2017.