I saw you today,
You were going the other way
The truth is
We’ve always been on different roads
In different directions.

You were driving towards her
I was driving towards hope
I wanted to turn around
So we could take the same road.

We were both driving through the tolls
You had an ez pass, I paid $1.80
I couldn’t help but think,
if you’d have looked up
Then maybe, just maybe
you would’ve seen me

But you didn’t.
And I guess you never did
You were always looking
for something better.
Something more.
You loved the attention.

But I just wanted yours.
Just a glance in my direction.
But the moment passed,
and you passed through easily.
But I paid. And I always will.

I was left hoping maybe, just maybe
Someday we will be headed in the same direction –
on the same road.

  • The Dalema. February 25, 2017.