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lost love

Record On My Mind

I keep thinking it will get better, but each day’s the same.
My feelings haven’t faded – nothing’s changed.
I’m still in shock – I can’t believe you’re gone.
You play in my mind on repeat like a long lost love song.

  • The Dalema. May 5, 2016.

She Went On

She held on tightly
As you slowly let her go
She told you her feelings
You wouldn’t let her know
She kept trying
Holding so tight you slipped away
She went on crying
Only hoping you would stay

She felt empty
As you went on having fun
Her world was ending
As you felt yours had just begun
She kept thinking
Was she just another mistake?
She went on crying
Knowing her wake up call was too late

She held hope
Thinking you’d realize your loss
Her heart was breaking
Not knowing all was lost
She prayed you’d change
Beg for forgiveness from her
She went on crying
Not knowing if you’d be back for sure

She couldn’t move on
Knowing that then you would, too
She couldn’t let go
Of the thought of the both of you
She didn’t try
To be with anyone else
She went on crying
Thinking if she lost you, she lost herself

She finally broke down
Letting everyone around her see
How she couldn’t let go
It wasn’t love it was robbery
She still hopes
That someday you’ll come back
She went on crying
She just couldn’t face the facts

She sounds so weak
This girl attached to you
No wonder you let her go
Other men have, too
I feel sorry for her
This girl you used to see
She screwed everything up
Oh that’s right, that girl was me

– DLM, 2009

Another You

Then there are days when the heart keeps breaking
You breathe in deep but there’s no use faking
My heart wants what it’s holding on to
But there will never be another you.

  • The Dalema, 2015

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