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Paper Planes Underwater

running backwards on an ice pond
swimming in concrete as it dries
listening with noise-blocking headphones
driving at night without headlights

catching snowflakes in the desert
playing a CD on the burner of the stove
flying a kite made of uranium
aluminum foil painted in gold

campfires lit with frostbite
a ballet without any dancers
when asked to describe what love is
these are my logical answers.

-The Dalema. December 28, 2016

Photo credit:
shenamt via / CC BY-NC-ND

Wings Of Irony

It’s what happens
when you touch the wings
of a butterfly

Admire the beauty
but from a distance
or they’ll die.

  • The Dalema. December 28, 2016

Wish Upon A Star

If dreams were like wishes
And wishes came true
You’d be healing me
And I’d be saving you

  • The Dalema. December 23, 2016

I Used To Fold My Underwear

I used to fold my underwear
Match the linens line by line
It took a lot of time and patience
But it made me feel organized

I used to roll the windows down
Music playing, wind in my hair
I was never late or in a hurry
Nothing but smiles, no worries or cares

I used to plan out everything
Outfits, trips and my future goals
I could do anything I set my mind to
Go anywhere I wanted to go

I used to trust being ‘good’ was enough
What you give is what you receive
Keep the faith and forget the rest
Happiness would find its way to me

I used to think I’d make a difference
Leave my mark on the world someday
Changing lives and spreading love –
No one would ever forget my name

I used to believe in the believing
Winners don’t quit, cheaters never win
Love yourself and love will find you
Everything happens for a reason

Life has done so much it’s changed me –
Challenges, struggles, loss and pain
And I used to fold my underwear
But I don’t think I ever will again.

  • The Dalema. December 7, 2016

Fog Lights And Padiddle

Another sleepless night
My sight is black and white
Life in grey isn’t right
Out of mind, out of sight.

  • The Dalema. September, 2016

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