The Dalema

Finding The Woman I'm Meant To Be



Time Marches On

Moments away from the end,
the beginning of all the pain
Minutes away from losing
all the love we ever made
Seconds away from the silence
that’ll cut deeper than a knife
It’s time for me to tell you
I’m walking out of your life

Moments away from a change
that we can’t ever change back
Minutes away from falling
out of a love you no longer have
Seconds away from the laughter
that hides your initial shock
It’s time for me to love myself
for all the reasons you could not

Moments away from losing me,
you won’t fight for me to stay
Minutes away from saying
the words I never thought I’d say
Seconds away from leaving
the life I fought to build behind
It’s time you see you waited too long –
now we’re out of time.

  • The Dalema. February 2, 2009.

Too Good To Be True

The slow and steady
You’ve kept me guessing
All the while giving me answers
The thought too good
to be true

The end was quick
I think I’m handling it
A man I’ll never see again
You walk away, holding my pride
Here I’m left

  • The Dalema, September 2016

Don’t Cut Yourself On Broken Pieces

I was broken before him
I’ll be broken after you
Maybe broken is my beautiful
And I’m meant to stay unglued

  • The Dalema (10.10.16)

Up, Up & Away

I’ve always deserved more than I’ve let life give me

I’m finally on the path to being the woman I was meant to be

I’m going to find her someday – and it’s going to be someday soon

I’m done sending all of my wishes up & off to the moon

– Danyle L. M. 5/26/16

Friend Zone

I would erase you, delete every moment from my mind.
It wouldn’t effect any other portion of the time that’s gone by.
Then you wouldn’t exist and neither would the pain –
That’s what you do to a girl when you tell her you don’t feel a thing.

– DLM, 2014

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