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Keys Of Consistency

Adventure is a fleeting moment
A memory you can look back on and smile
A rush of adrenaline
A moment in time

But memories fade
And moments pass
And after every adventure –
You go home
You feel safe
You feel comfortable
And if you’re lucky,
consistency is waiting for you

Consistency is the key to happiness
Consistency is home

So, for me, I’m not looking for adventure
I don’t need to feel the adrenaline rush
I don’t need another passing memory
I don’t need another fleeting moment

My heart needs a home
My soul needs comfort
My life needs consistency.

  • The Dalema. June 7, 2017.

Cover Your Eyes

It’s when she’s laying in silence
She can hear the tick of the clock
Her mind’s racing miles per minute
Then suddenly – the faintest thought

A thought waking her memory
It stumbled upon your laugh
In that moment she frowned
It hurts to play it back

Those moments used to be easy
Falling asleep to your ‘goodnight’
Her face would be lit up
Her thoughts were so lite

You – the only thing crossing her mind
Her – wearing the smile you gave
But now she only holds your memory
In a sleepy corner hidden away

Those corners keep her up at night
She’s wide awake in a nightmare
The silence turned into a bright nightlight
And her eyes won’t adjust to the glare

  • The Dalema 6/10/16

My Daily Reminder

You reminded me of so many things:
smiling until it hurts
long, meaningful conversations
being the first thought on someone’s mind
the excitement of planning ahead
getting lost in a kiss

But of all the things you reminded me of,
I never thought you would remind me:
how it feels to
left in pieces
feel empty and unwanted
to be –

  • The Dalema. May 16, 2016.

Monday Night Route Home

I’ve driven this road a thousand times
This year it’s been mostly Monday nights
And I tell myself someday it will be all right
But your voice is all I wanna hear tonight

  • The Dalema. May 2, 2016.

Cannonball of Happy


Happy Moment Captured

I often find myself wishing for happiness. I try to find it in my possessions, getting lost in keepsakes and memorabilia, I even search for it while recapping the events of the day. Sometimes I’ll scroll through old Facebook pics or dig out an old scrapbook. I’ll think, “How did I let myself fall out of happiness?” Or, “Was I even happy in this pic?”.

In life people think that happiness is a place; when you find it you sit down and you camp there. You don’t want to leave – you fight it, you do. But you end up leaving, you have to.

I don’t think happiness is a place – I think happiness is a moment in time, or rather moments in time that are linked. There are moments of happy that you want to stay in forever, moments that you grasp when you are at your worst. These moments can last, too. People think a moment is a second but really it’s any portion of time; the memory and feelings with that moment are what determine the length of it to you.

I think that’s why people have such a hard time letting go of the past – because what they’re doing is holding on to those built-up moments. Those moments that they want to get lost in, those moments they want to create again, because those moments of happy are sometimes all they have.

There’s no way of recreating the past – of reliving that moment of happy. Those moments are gone and they turn in to memories. So – it’s ok to get lost in the memories; close your eyes and capture those moments. Try to let your mind wander back. When they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

When you find yourself having one of those moments you’ll someday look back on and wish you could be lost in again; make sure you live in the moment. This is it. This is the only moment of this happy that you’ll get. So cherish it, cannon ball in it! Look up from it and think, “Damn. Where did the time go? I didn’t even notice. I was too caught up in being happy!”.

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