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late nights

A Made Up Mind

I sat there
Staring at the screen
Reading every thing

Reading you walk away
There was nothing I could do
Nothing I could say

But I tried
Begging you, calling you
Convincing you
There was no convincing

You made up your mind
You closed off your heart
And I was –
Left behind

The rejection of it all
No matter what you say,
I wasn’t enough
Enough to make you stay

‘It has nothing to do with you
Everything to do with me’
That’s what you said
That’s what you’d say

When I’d beg and plead
Trying to convince you
And maybe even
Trying to convince me

  • The Dalema. November 6, 2016

Wide Awake And Dreaming

It’s the kind of night when
I’d rather keep myself wide awake
with thoughts of you,
than give into exhaustion –
and find myself peacefully sleeping
with dreams of us,
because eventually I would have to stop dreaming –
eventually I would have to wake up –
Losing you all over again.
That’s not the kind of morning
I want to wake up to.

– DLM 4/19/16

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