The Dalema

Finding The Woman I'm Meant To Be



Daydreams And Expectations

I was fooling myself
to think a man like you
would ever want a woman
like me

You have so much to offer
so much to give
and I’m full of weaknesses,

Yet here I am hoping
you might come back
with a changed heart –
missing me

Unrealistic expectations
all I had of you
all I had for us –
silly daydreams

  • The Dalema. August 8, 2016

Exhales & Endeavors

Hold me for a minute
Please don’t let me go
Squeeze my body tightly
I’ll heal your hurting soul

Let me feel your warmth
My head rests on your chest
I’m buried in your scent
Our worried thoughts can rest

Let the tips of your fingers
Trace along my naked back
Kiss the top of my forehead
Then rest your head on that

Our breathing patterns sync
As our hearts beat together
Sit in the silence for a moment
A moment we can treasure

Then as you release me
Your warmth’s lost in the wind
I cannot feel your heartbeat
Sweet silence starts to end

The weight of my mind is heavy
Your tender kiss has disappeared
Then when I look up –
I realize you weren’t here

I was lost in a moment
A memory I wish I had
It was just a daydream of you
I had conjured up in my head

Goosebumps on my arm
My body starts to shiver
You were never mine
Another lost endeavor

  • Danyle L. M.

What Dreams Are Made Of

She was the kind of forever men thought of;
The way she smiled
The things she did
The way she loved.

She was the woman to star in your dreams;
The way they played
How well you slept
How good they seemed.

She made you feel your heart was full;
Caught up in magic
Flying on clouds
Out of control.

She could seduce you with a smile;
The way she touched
How good she kissed
Her love was wild.

She became your best friend;
How she would listen
And understand
And comprehend.

She brought you back to life;
The way you’d laugh
Forget the past
Stay up all night.

She was everything you’d want for sure;
But not enough
To fill your heart
She wasn’t her.

– Danyle L. M. (9/2/16)

Hide and Seek

Where did I go wrong?
I replay the moments in my mind.
I scared you off –
Let’s go back in time.

Please, not you.
Don’t run away – stay and fight.
You’re the only one I want this with! 
Please God, make this right.

– DLM 3/28/16

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