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Chapters Shouldn’t End With Goodbye

The harshest reality: knowing how much you thought through all of this. Knowing, without a doubt, it meant never seeing me again for the rest of your life. Knowing that kiss, that drawn-out hug, that long stare into my tear-filled eyes, would be the last. You knew those final moments with me would become the closing words written on the last page of the few pages of my existence in the story of your life; and you still chose to say goodbye.

– DLM 4/19/16

Wide Awake And Dreaming

It’s the kind of night when
I’d rather keep myself wide awake
with thoughts of you,
than give into exhaustion –
and find myself peacefully sleeping
with dreams of us,
because eventually I would have to stop dreaming –
eventually I would have to wake up –
Losing you all over again.
That’s not the kind of morning
I want to wake up to.

– DLM 4/19/16

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