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Daydreams And Expectations

I was fooling myself
to think a man like you
would ever want a woman
like me

You have so much to offer
so much to give
and I’m full of weaknesses,

Yet here I am hoping
you might come back
with a changed heart –
missing me

Unrealistic expectations
all I had of you
all I had for us –
silly daydreams

  • The Dalema. August 8, 2016

The Brain Is A Ticking Time Bomb

We were in a good place
Now I’m staring at this empty space
Wondering what to do

You said to slow things down
But whenever you’re not around
Doubt takes over me

Everything we’ve had
Friendship that should last
I don’t want to lose it

Time cannot measure
What we’ve got together
It doesn’t matter how long it’s been

Do I make you laugh?
Forget about your past?
Can you see your life without me?

I’m trying hard here
Slowing down for you, but in fear
Fear of losing us

You’re pulling back from me
Bunker’s locked, you took the key
If I knock, please let me in

Remember every conversation,
It felt right without hesitation
Let me into your heart

I know you’re afraid
We have lost our way
But we can find another path

Take a slower pace
Love is not a race
Yet here I am competing

I’m standing still this time
I can’t make you change your mind
But I do hope that I cross it

I am wonderful
You are vulnerable
Let’s lean on eachother

This is worth the wait
Stop questioning fate
Let’s cast our worries aside

Stop your overthinking
The brain’s a bomb that’s ticking
My heart will be the casualty

Trust in God. Trust in us
Trust the warmth of my touch
Trust the smile I give you

One step at a time
Because I’m losing my mind
At the thought of losing you

-DLM 3/31/16

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