The kind of men she was drawn to
Were the ones who could never love her back
The flaws she couldn’t change about herself
Were always the ones they found unattractive

And no matter how many apologies she made
Or how many other qualities were better
They couldn’t love her for those weaknesses
She couldn’t see past her flaws either

Even when she felt her most beautiful
Even when her strength was at it’s peak
Somehow this type of man would find her
She’d fall in love and he’d make her break

No matter how many years seemed to pass
Or how many ‘lessons’ she seemed to date
She couldn’t change, she wasn’t loved
She never forgave herself for those mistakes

And every time her heart would open
Every ‘love’ she thought might come true
They turned out to be just like the others
They turned out to be just like you –

Because the truth is she never learned
She never found a way to fill that void
A void of a ‘father’ who ghosted her world
A void of a ‘father’ who never loved his little girl.

  • The Dalema. April 5, 2017.